Strasbourg Euroscola Trip …EPIC ADVENTURE!

Euroscola brings together 16 to 18 year old students from all 28 European Union Member States.¬† From the benches of the European Parliament’s hemicycle, the students get the unique opportunity to experience EU decision making in the form of a multilingual European youth parliament.¬† Euroscola allows these students to get together, debate, take sides, negotiate, amend, vote and finally adopt resolutions on real European issues.

All of our Junior Ambassadors participated brilliantly, Cormac O Mahony was our representative speaker and spoke at the podium in the hemicycle about De La Salle College, The Brothers and Waterford.
Alex Stotskyy was a chamber chair and discussed Human rights and Education.
All raised questions to the chair from the hemicycle questions ranged from Agriculture to a European Army.
From beginning to end the experience was amazing, lifelong friends and memories were made.
Hopefully we will be given the chance to return soon.